Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tanaris, here I come

I like Tanaris for a copule of reasons. Mostly the goblins! It's also a great place to quest in, with lots and lots of open space - a welcome change after hours spent in the dense jungles of SV. I heart Tanaris so much in fact, that I've decided to name this blog after the whole place. I think I'm not alone, either - ater all you not only get the troll instance here, but also the incredibly kickass Caverns of Time. Awesome!

With my previous character I levelled through Un`goro and Silithus. This time around, I've got me eyes set on Blasted Lands. As a hoardie, I only had a few quests there. With an alliance toon I'm hoping on getting some more quest around the place. I've still got around two levels to go, though, as the zone starts from lvl 45. We'll see how it goes!

Still in SV... nice place, but I've had enough!

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