Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lockping and Enchanting not so smooth

While I had a blast this week, going from 1 to 45, I did not find my leveling expeirence streamlined - at all. My quests are out of synch and I'm flying all over Azeroth to tie up loose ends. Sure, I might go after the orange quests, but I don't enjoy the extra hassle.

My biggest gripe however comes with lockpicking - I used the boxed in Redrige to get to 80, then got a lot of other containers off various nasty characters all over the map. But my levels progressed, my lockiping skills didn't I suddenly found myself picking 175 boxes with 108 lockpicking skill - and it's not like I was slacking! The worst part is that the solutions given to this problem in particular are to find and keep lockpicking various non de-spawning boxes or pick off boxes from low level charaters, and in my case that would be 63 boxes. With an optimistic 50% drop rate, I'd have to pick pocket 300 mobs. Geez, I hope I am getting this wrong.

My enchanting is off also, now that disenchanting does not increase any skills. I was able to remedy around 20 points by buying stuff from AH, but I still have my bank full of disenchanting reagents which I won't be able to use for some time. All my enchants require Strange Dust, but the disenchanted greens give off much better mats... which I can't do anything with.

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