Saturday, March 21, 2009

I keed, I kid

I guess that World of Warcraft is a great tool if you ever forget that being a teenager apparently sucks, fills you with endless angst and generally makes you a pain the ass. During my first few days on the new server I met a guy who seemed nice enough. We talked a bit and exchanged personal details about who we really are. Sure, he was a kid, but seemed nice enough.

Obviously I should have noticed what I was getting into when every time I logged in, the guy would whisper me with "do you want to join my guild yet"? Well, no, I didn't, and after having been asked the 10th time, I said I'm not looking to join any guilds until 80. "Why?" he asked, and I patiently answered that it has nothing to do with him, and it's just that I really don't feel like. Then came the angst. "Well, if you think my guild is crap, the forget about it!" and he promptly logged off, without ever talking to me again. Ah, teens.

Why do you hate me?

Apparently Runetotem EU is an established server with a good economy and a boatload of low level guilds. Before I reached 20, I had something like 10 offers. My mom, who can't and doesn't use the chat window (at all!) is in a guild, though she probably has no idea what that is about. At this point in time it's, well... pointless and stupid.

I am not going to go into any shitty guilds this time around. I want to reach 80 and get to the best one there is. The thing is most guilds are nothing else then glorified LFG channels for the guild leaders. I'll sure pay more attention this time around.

Oh, and about the initial topic. I'm really, really happy I'm not a teen and never will be. Good riddance!

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