Thursday, March 19, 2009

Low level rogues have tough lives

I've hit 40 last night. Now that the cap is at 80 it's a great moment to step back and rethink the choice I've made when I rolled a rogue. Verdict? Awesome!

Now, has someone asked me what I think about rogues around lvl 25, I'd say it's a terrible class. It was a nightmare to go through places like Duskowood and I ended up flying all over the map, looking for quest I could actually do.

With a warrior you know where you stand. When you start, the rules are plain and simple. “Welcome to World of Warcraft! Here's a sword. Go kill stuff”. It's that simple, because a warrior gets his tools of the trade right off the bat.

A rogue is supposed to be a stealthy damage dealer, lurking in the shadows and bringing a swift death to his enemies. The problem is in order to play like that you need skills which don't really become available until you're in your mid-twenties. Up until then you're essentially a warrior with crappy armor and shitty blades. It's like leveling a hunter from 1 to 10 without a pet, only it goes on for much longer.

Then it all clicks into place, though. At lvl 40 I can take on almost any challenge.

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