Monday, March 23, 2009

Lockpicking woes

I've leveled a few proffesions in my time, but I gotta say none of them come even close to the sucktitude of lockpicking. I guess that in theory if I went around and pickpocketed every available mob, there's a very slim chance that I'd level it seamlesly. As it stands, at a certain point I had a whole bank of 175 boxes and 120-ish skill level.

Turns out the only way out of this is to stock up on breathing potions and go diving - Redridge first and then Desolace. It took around an hour and a half, but I finally got those damn boxes open (payday!) and got some greens out of it too.

Let's just forget that sad episode!

Since it is monday, I did not have that much time to play around, and neither did I feel like it. I ran some quests here and there, but that was it. Well, one of them stood out, and I've never done it before. Tooga's Quest has to be one of the strangest and most entertaining quests in Azeroth. As I escorted the turtle through Tanaris and, I've had quite a number of people joining me along the way. The conversation at the end is also priceless.

I'll put in some more time tomorrow, as I have a single meeting to attend to in the morning and them I'm free, unless something pops along.

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