Friday, March 27, 2009

Old trash

I logged in to my old level 80 warrior just to see if I get any of the old charm back. Well, I didn't. The terribad lag on Ravencrest EU didn't help at all, but it wasn't the point. I tried to change the spec from prot to fury, but the effects were less then steral and after the zippity-hoppity I get with a night elf rogue, the tauren warrior was so slow that 15 minutes felt like hours. I logged back into my rogue and feel great about it. I'm at 51 right now.

I'm planning to do some changes around my schedule. Though my play time might be slightly affected, I'm not dropping WoW or this blog any time soon.

Also, I'm preparing for a 4000 km road trip next month. I have to get from Poland to the UK for a week of training and I managed to convince my boss to let me drive instead of flying there. I also get to take my girlfirend along for the ride. We'll see our friends in Holland and the UK, spend a full week together and have a good time. The comapny's paying for most stuff, so that's good (even though our parent company has filed for bankcrupcy, huh!) Road trips are something we're good at.

UPDATE: Last week I wrote about how I love both Project Lore and WoW Insider. Well, Alex Albrecht from PL will be on the WoW Insider's podcast tomorrow. Awesome.

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