Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Appreciation day!

I'm still taking it lightly for now, and since the weather is really sleepy, I chose to spend some time lounging on my couch and looking for cool stuff on the web. I never really knew there were so many blogs out there, and looking for something interesting is entertaining. There are however a few places that I know I'll find something interesting in.

First up, there's WoW Insider. For whatever reason I've been reading this site for a long time. I can;t even remember how I came across this gem, but what I do remember is that they had a humble beginning - nothing close to what they are now. I'm not saying they're not humble, just that there's a huge staff there, loads of content and a uniqe style. WoW Insider is also very casual-friendly and a great place to start surfing the web for WoW related content. Also, kudos for the podcasts!

Wowhead is the second cool place on my list. While the database is something I'd mainly use in game, I recently discovered that they have pretty neat forums too, and the admins do a great job at keeping things running smoothly. It's a nice place to get away from the chaos of the official WoW Forums and hardcore meeting places, like Elitist Jerks

Finally, the single most interesting website that I visit daily these days is... Project Lore! At first the idea of watching guys play WoW didn't seem that cool, but it works and the show is steadily chugging along, building its own unique style. Now, I live in Poland and had no idea who these folks are, but they all have backgrounds in TV and acting - this shows! I tune to late night talk shows for the specific chemistry between the hosts and their viewers. In Project Lore, there's chemistry between the guys. Every time I watch a show I'm reminded just how cool the social aspect of playing the game is.

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