Friday, March 20, 2009

Inside the monastery

I did not plan or wish to do any instances until maybe level 65. After playing as a warrior tank for two years I got used to the need of learning your class really well and then studying the instances. Most of the time it was hard work and in the end I decided to quit, because it wasn't a very rewarding experience.

Going about my business, I did notice a few low level LFG's, but ignored them. Then I got an invitation to go to the Scarlet Monastery with a guy I met during my first few days. I did and I instantly recalled what fun instances can be once you take off the burden of tanking.

So SM may not be the best instance out there. In fact, I think it's drab, boring and the first three wings are basically variations of the same thing. I'm not really an old school raider - I did spend a lot of time in Shadowfang Keep though, which still is a great, great instance to be in and SM is very pale indeed in comparison.

Hall of Champions - pretty awesome (source: Wowwiki)

We had two 40's and three 35's, which meant we were OP and owned the place. Sure, we didn't make it to the last wing, what with most of the party being noobish and the MT dishing it out Diablo-style. I don't think I'll be able to hand in [In the Name of Light] and it's too bad I couldn't play too rogue-ish since saps were out of the question. Still, the joy of bringing pure DPS is amazing.

Aside from dishing out tons of DPS, the rogue has dozens of "oh-shit" buttons which basically mean that you get a "get out of jail free" card in 7 out of 10 wipes. If the SM run was any indicator of what the endgame is like, then count me in.

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