Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I came to where I am

Sometimes you just have enough. I know I did. After playing a warrior on a PVP server for 16 months, I was tired. I started together with some real world friends and friend's friends and we zoomed to 70 pretty fast. Most of them were experienced WOW-ers and I sort of tagged along. I took a break from the game, lost touch and got left behind. Once WOTLK came out, I leveled to 80 and stopped playing.

Maybe it was the constant ganking. Maybe it was the atrocious quality of the PUG's I tried to tank for and the seeming lack of any progress. Maybe it was the terrible guild I was in, or the fact that everyone else seemed to speak either Danish or Finnish. Maybe I plain sucked. Most probably it was all of the above, so I just stopped for a few months.

Once the WOW-bug kicked back in, I was faced with two choices – roll a new toon on the mostly Polish Burning Legion EU server or keep trying to tank for bad PUGs on Ravencrest. And then there was the third choice – you see, a year ago I got my mom to play the game. She's a hardcore player since the early 80's, though she stuck mostly to real-time strategies and FPS games. She has a curious way of playing too, spending an average of 6 months on a single title, taking it apart on all difficulty levels. So why not join her?

When I first set up her WOW account, I chose at random a PvE server called Runetotem (pictured: Hamuul Runetotem, clan head and server namesake, I guess). She seemed to be happy with it, even though I never really bothered to check on her – she now lives in a new house in a small village in Beskidy mountains in southern Poland and we generally talk every few weeks or so. New realm, new toon, new beginning.

Even though I tried all classes, I still feel best with meele. I've seen people do amazing things with their rogues, so I went with that. Since my mom was a Night Elf and seemed to hang around in Teldrassil, I went with that. I leveled to 14 and stopped playing again, then came back for good. In a few days I reached level 39 and I'm happily slashing along.

What's next though? Great things, I'm sure. Some sleepless nights too. It's good to be back.

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