Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I did on my holidays

As sudden as the urge to play WoW may strike, I sometimes get a similar feeling that tells me to stop. Sometimes it goes on for a month, sometimes longer. There’s always something that sets this off. In my case the leave of absence was caused by Polish players.

Now, I’m Polish and not too proud. I don’t hold my fellow countrymen in high contempt. Oh sure, they seem nice to anyone that comes along, but usually it’s for personal gain. You might says it’s same as in most Middle Eastern countries, but then, with these folks at least you know where you stand. Poles are nasty, spiteful and backstabby sad bastards that will go to great lengths to prove their superiority in any matter.

When I got my mom to play, I chose a random server for her – Runetotem-EU. Okay, I lied a little, because it wasn’t that random. I checked to see if there’s a noticeable amount of Poles around, and there wasn’t. Since she was a new MMO player, I didn’t want her experience spoiled by a bunch of asswipes. With 20/20 hindsight, it was futile, because she refuses to interact with anyone and limits her game time to the AH mostly, but she’s having fun, so what the heck.

I however did manage to find some Poles. There wasn’t that many of them there, and so I was optimistic. It turned out there’s a server-wide channel too, which I hastly joined to meet some new people. It took around 3 minutes for me to get shouted out from there – I wasn’t one of “them”, for whatever reason, and the guy who told me about the place also heard some nasty words. Ah, Poland. I just stopped playing and haven’t thought about coming back for a few months since.

Every time I do get back, my character choices are based on what I don’t get to do too much in game. I chose the rogue, because I never did any DPS. Now I chose a priest, because I couldn’t get into dungeons. Since I have a tendency to frustrate myself, I did re-roll on a Polish server, and PVP at that too. I might hate it eventually, but this time around I’ll just transfer out, because… playing a priest is so much fun!

It really is, too. Once you get through the terribad slew of low-level quests, you roll into the shadow talent tree and things start to move along. Right now I’m lvl 61 and tearing through PVE. The first dungeon in The Outlands I did was Hellfire Ramparts and that in itself was interesting – I was asked to do DPS, and that’s the last thing I’d expect anyone to ask a priest these days. My performance was sub-par at best, but I got two great drops, which means I’m loving my class even more.

So I’m back. We’ll see how things roll from here, but I’m enjoying myself and things are looking swell.

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