Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Auctioneer, here I come!

I took a plunge today into the seemingly endless depths of Auctioneer. Having problems sleeping means I have some extra time on my hands and I decided I simply have to have some of those sub-tools running. Well, after around an hour of snooping around, re-installing and de-installing and all kinds of shenanigans, I finally found that I had some dependencies missing. I tried to use some advanced search functions before, but it never seemed to work, and I decided at the time that I’m too stupid and probably have set something wrong. Well, I was wrong.

So for starters, I have some 20 gold invested into various items I disenchanted and we will see how that goes. Burning Legion is a huge server with something like 26000 items on the AH at any time, and there’s a lot of folks rocking the markets. I don’t have the patience to stick around and fight for every glyph, but I’ll be happy if I end up earning by anything from 10 to 20 percent of what I invested. Plus, there’s a lot more to figure out in Auctioneer, now that it’s not broken (ahem).

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