Thursday, April 30, 2009

RL trumps WoW

I spent the last 2 weeks travelling around Europe, utilizing almost any man made mode of transport available (save for a bicycle, strangely). Sometimes I wished I had a handy griphon flight route, but in the abscence of that, I had to make do with a jet. So I think I got over my fear of flying, but only just.

I was hoping to get some WoW time during my travels, but business has a way of ending the day in the local bar/pub/restaurant, so with 6 hours of sleep daily (tops) I just didn;t get around to it. The last thing I did before leaving was get my rogue out to Outland. Now that I have a free day or two I can play freely and all I can say is PHEW! I'm really happy to see the BC content again - the ease of play is amazing.

As for patch 3.1 0 well, for me it's really hard to say at the moment, as my chars are lowbies mostly and I dont log into the odd 80 I happen to have. I sure love the mini quest item icons though. Fantastic.

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