Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take a Greedy Goblin, throw in Marco from JM2C and sprinkle with a Tobold and you’re all set for a spicy dish full of drama and fail. Looks like two prime WoW blogosphere moneymakers are slugging it out in the open for all to see.

There are two ways to go about this – one is to keep quiet and go about your business, and that’s what I’ve always been told to do. The other one is to say what you think, and that’s what I always did. I didn’t always come up on top. In fact, most of the time it turned out I was wrong and I had to pay, but in the end, I feel great at night and I’m a happy man, even if things may be rough because of my constantly blabbing pie hole.

Anyhow, I’ve read both of these blogs and I gotta tell you, I’ve been very hesitant about going to JM2C. Having worked in marketing for… well, some time, I think I can spot shoddy people trying to peddle things. Using phrases like “my guide is the BEST source online” and spamming your own blog with “get the guide now for a reduced price NOW” are sound sales methods, just as going naked to a singles bar is a sound method of finding the love of your life.

Smart people don’t watch TV shopping networks and never fall for the old “mine is the BEST” line. Stupid people often do, and there are a lot of stupid people out there. Making a profit from stupidity is not good business, it’s exploitation. The difference between the Greedy Goblin and Marco is that one of them does it in game, and the other one is doing it in real life.

Also, calling someone a “twat” and deleting the post afterwards means you insta-loose the argument. Protip: Google Reader remembers.

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