Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All in, all out

I decided that I really need to see how the market works in WoW. As mentioned before, I invested all I had and just went for it. I haven’t left Ironforge on my main for a week and the money keeps rolling in. Sure, it’s not 1K a day, but with an investment of some 40 minutes a day I’m slowly replacing all bags on my alts for something more spacious.

Since I had no concept on how some thing actually worked, I went for reselling. My thoughts so far? First up, reselling will always give you profit… eventually. It’s all about long term investment. Some stuff stays on the AH for a week and it generates costs, sure, but once it sells it gives a healthy 500% return.

With Auctioneer’s help, I started with low-level greens, buying en-masse and re-listing them. The initial 350G investment came back quick. Not that I saw it, because everything go invested back. Eventually I bought more expensive stuff and some blues. This is where I made a few costly errors – some blues are way overpriced and it was hard to clear them. In the end, everything sold and I bought some purples. These items are the hardest to sell, but again – once they do, you’re earning back all the costs, and more.

Once I was ahead, I made an alt for enchanting and another one for prospecting. My main went into ink making and I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to mill my way into more profits. Mind you, I’m doing this all with a lvl 63, 29 and 17. Fun!

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