Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm an altoholic

I think it's time I have to face the truth. I don't take extatic pleasure in having a single, geared toon, like my friends do. I like all flavors.

I leveled my rogue up to lvl 56 and hopped back to a lvl 20 priest, promptly taking him up 15 levels. I then noticed some toons on other servers which I have all but forgotten. First up was a lvl 20 warlock and then a lvl 33 hunter. I'm having such a blast!

It has to be said that I take most pleasure with the hunter at the moment. After not playing that guy for more then a year, I find I can easily steamroll through anything Blizzard throws at me; not only that, I end every Arathi Basin in the top 3, and that's coming from a guy who doesn't do PvP! I haven't had such a blast playing a character in WoW for a long time. Hunters = awesome.

I'm also leveling my proest, but I'm on a PvP server and since he's specced holy, I limit my appearences to instances. It's all great fun, but for leveling purpouses I get a friendly lvl 80 to come along.

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